Beggars Blue, founded in Aalborg (Denmark) by four experienced musicians, has been playing clubs, festivals and concerts around the country for almost ten years. The bands homeport is Denmark, but in the last few years the band has had a breakthrough in Norway and is now frequently playing shows in this beautiful country too. The band features guitarist/vocalist Jan Edvard, pianist/organ-player Poul Rasmussen, bass player Casper Bue and drummer Jan Hvingel.

The band composes its own music and has currently released two albums:

  • Saratoga Needs (2007)
  • Riverman (2002)

The music is an exciting mix of blues, boogie, country and jazz that creates the original style and sound of the band. The sound of Beggars Blue is anchored by Casper Bue and Jan Hvingel on bass and drums who lay down solid rhytm and time that makes a strong foundation and playground for frontman Jan Edvards soulful voice and guitar, and Poul Rasmussens jaw dropping performance on the piano/organ.  

During performances, the band combines their own compositions with classics from the blues.


New booker/manager in Norway

The band has got a new booker and manager in Norway. We are looking forward to cooperate with our friend, Tone Larsen

Beggars Blue appearing in the bluesmagazine, BLUESNEWS

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Source: Bluesnews no. 57

Beggars Blue on national norwegian television

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